Prevent named abuse with Ban users who abuse your BIND server searching for open resolvers.

DNS reflection attacks are a primary way of sending DDOS attacks these days. Always make sure you disable public recursion in your DNS server. This can be done by setting recursion to no in your bind configuration: options { recursion no; } If you need recursion locally, you can set to allow recursion only locally or for whichever IP blocks… Read more →

Ploop auto-compact script for OpenVZ nodes:

Problem: Ploop has a minor issue arising from dynamic resizing involving file deletion and no space on the hardware node. When a file is deleted inside a container, the host node does not automatically reclaim the space. (Bug 3008) When a host node is out of space, files inside the container can become corrupted. Solution This is where the… Read more →

Summer Sale

This special has expired.  Thank you for all those who participated! Celebrating our seventh year of selling cloud servers, we are introducing our 7th Summer Sale.  Use coupon 7SUMMERS in the order form to save on every package listed on our home page: Annual Plans:  7SUMMERS gets you 12 months of service for the cost of 7 months!  ($5.83/month… Read more →

Cloud3K is now ByteonSite.

RockMyWeb has merged all of it’s virtual & cloud server subsidiaries into a new brand, ByteonSite.  ByteonSite will feature four specific types of cloud servers: Protected storage, which features large amounts of disk space; Memory intensive, which features large RAM allocations; Processor intensive, which features more guaranteed & turbo CPU; and lastly Bandwidth intensive, which features extra data transfer per… Read more →

Easily update php from source

Compiled PHP from source with it configured just the way you need?  Here is a quick way to update. If you’re like me, you love to use PHP.  However, as with all web server software, it is important to keep PHP up to date.   To update a new minor version of PHP, you download the archive from and compile… Read more →

Swapping multiple IP addresses

Having to change IP addresses can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a control panel that manages the swaps for you.  I have compiled a list of common config files to make it easy to update all IP addresses on your server, then simply restarting all the services (or rebooting) will make the configuration active. The script should… Read more →

OpenVZ v. Xen: Overselling & More

A lot of people look at VPS hosts and may not know much about virtualization, as long as it provides them the technology that they need.  Each and every type of virtualization has its benefits and faults.  I will go into some detail explaining the differences of OpenVZ and Xen and you can make your own informed decisions based on… Read more →

Ploop benefits, speeding up conversion

Ploop is a new format of OpenVZ storage: storing all files in a disk image, similar to how other virtualization technologies work. This is a step forward for OpenVZ as it will allow for different file systems to be used within the VPS.  Before, every VPS shared the same file system causing less isolation, requiring inode limits, and causing the… Read more →